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We are one of the leading polished concrete specialists in Adelaide. We offer a wide variety of polished concrete services in and around the city.
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Paula MontroyPaula Montroy
05:15 20 Feb 22
Will and his team did a fantastic job on our concrete polishing. Highly recommended!
Bronwen CurtisBronwen Curtis
03:41 11 Aug 21
Great friendly and professional service. Couldn't be happier with the results.
Craig SoutterCraig Soutter
09:14 31 Mar 20
What can I say. OUTSTANDING. The finished product, his knowledge and expertise, his communication.We engaged will to rectify our polished concrete floor which were completed by another contractor to a poor standard. Will gave us the confidence to proceed, assuring us that he would work with us all the way thru to ensure we had the end product we were looking for. He surpassed all our expectations. To will and his team a very big thankyou. We can now look forward to finally finishing our renovations with the floor we had always imagined.
Luke TudorLuke Tudor
02:52 04 Oct 19
Adelaide PlumbingAdelaide Plumbing
01:35 20 Mar 19
We called Will to help upgrade our bathroom showroom. Brilliant to work with from the get go. Free quotes, fair prices and a very organised team or tradies. If you're worried about the cost of polished concrete, don't be. It's a great investment, and looks absolutely stunning. Thanks to the legendary team.

We combine premium design, polished, and skill for an all-in-one, polished concrete finish.

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polished concrete adelaide
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Polished concrete floors are durable, low maintenance, seamless, hygienic and environmentally friendly. However, there are fundamental differences in the treatment, appearance, lifespan, durability and initial cost of a polished concrete floor.

How it works


The Standard Service

Our “standard grind and seal” service is the method of grinding a concrete floor to the desired aggregate exposure (or often no aggregate is exposed), then applying a clear resin top coat. Resin sealers exist as water or solvent based acrylic, polyurethane or epoxy and are available as matte, satin or gloss.

Whilst the floor will be smooth and flat any holes, cracks and imperfections will be noticeable.

External polished concrete, or “honed” concrete, utilises the same grinding methods, however, to maintain a certified slip resistant surface we use an impregnating sealer to provide stain protection.

grind and polish

The Deluxe Service

Concrete Polishing Adelaide‘s “deluxe grind and seal” service, is a further refinement from our standard system and involves grouting the floor to minimise any holes or cracks. Various first quality resin sealers are then used to provide a barrier to protect the concrete from food and chemical penetration.

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concrete flooring

The Premium Service

polished concrete adelaide

Our “premium polished concrete” is the ultimate in concrete floor refinement. Using premium concrete densifiers and impregnating sealers, together with the most experienced diamond polishing operators, Concrete Polishing Adelaide is raising the bar for our competition.

Concrete Polishing Adelaide’s premium diamond polished concrete treats the concrete floor with a deeply penetrating densifier, chemically reacting within the concrete to make the surface harder, stronger and far more resistant to abrasion. Matte, satin or high gloss levels are achieved by diamond polishing the treated surface.

Remember, if you are considering installing a concrete floor to be polished in your home or commercial business, speak with your preferred polishing contractor at the earliest stages of your project; there will be particular placement guidelines critical to your preferred finish.

We are able to offer various levels of innovative polished concrete systems.

Polished concrete selection made easy

We are one of the leading concrete floor polishers in the city.

For all commercial and Industrial companies and business’s

Protect your floors with an epoxy floor coating that will last a lifetime.

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North Adelaide Concrete Floor Polishing
polished concrete flooring

Concrete surfaces have experienced a dramatic transformation, evolving from a basic, utilitarian material into a sleek, mirror-like finish that exudes elegance. This metamorphosis, akin to turning an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan, showcases the remarkable capabilities of modern techniques.

Imagine walking on polished concrete—it’s akin to gliding across a glossy, hardened expanse of water. Utilizing diamond-encrusted pads, specialized machines meticulously grind and polish the concrete, bringing out a lustrous sheen that captivates the eye.

The transformation achieved through concrete floor polishing can elevate the aesthetic of both homes and businesses. The result is a brilliant, reflective surface that turns ordinary spaces into extraordinary showcases of design. It’s reminiscent of the grandeur of cathedrals, yet without the vast, echoing spaces.

The magic of polished concrete lies in its ability to reflect light, creating a mesmerizing effect that enhances the ambiance of any room. Offering a diverse array of finishes, the polishing process allows for customization in levels of aggregate exposure, honing, grinding, and even the initial color of the concrete.

With a plethora of options available, deciding to polish your concrete floor opens up a world of possibilities. This cost-effective method transforms the mundane into a standout feature of your property, making it not just a part of your space, but the highlight of it.

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The Floor looks magnificent, the concrete shines so bright now and its so easy to clean

Amanda Smith
Adelaide, South Australia
Guys, you are really professionals! I like what you have done, now my house looks much better.
Tom Johnson
Glenelg, South Australia

Could not believe how well the floors turned out in our kitchen. The concrete was so dull before and now it shines like a diamond

Tim Matthews
Morphett Vale, South Australia

I just wanted to say thank you and the team very much for the brilliant service around polishing the floors at our house.

Jane Paproth
Salisbury, South Australia

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