What is Concrete Floor Polishing?

Concrete surfaces have undergone a veritable revolution in recent times. No longer is concrete a rough, cold material, it is transformed via polishing into an elegant mirror like superficies.  

The ingenuity of humankind has turned an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.

Walking on polished concrete can be like walking on a reflective hardened body of water.

Diamond encrusted pads grind and polish concrete surfaces to a high sheen via a purpose built machine.

Concrete floor polishing can turn your home or business into something very special.

north adelaide polished concrete
Paula MontroyPaula Montroy
05:15 20 Feb 22
Will and his team did a fantastic job on our concrete polishing. Highly recommended!
Bronwen CurtisBronwen Curtis
03:41 11 Aug 21
Great friendly and professional service. Couldn't be happier with the results.
Craig SoutterCraig Soutter
09:14 31 Mar 20
What can I say. OUTSTANDING. The finished product, his knowledge and expertise, his communication.We engaged will to rectify our polished concrete floor which were completed by another contractor to a poor standard. Will gave us the confidence to proceed, assuring us that he would work with us all the way thru to ensure we had the end product we were looking for. He surpassed all our expectations. To will and his team a very big thankyou. We can now look forward to finally finishing our renovations with the floor we had always imagined.
Luke TudorLuke Tudor
02:52 04 Oct 19
Adelaide PlumbingAdelaide Plumbing
01:35 20 Mar 19
We called Will to help upgrade our bathroom showroom. Brilliant to work with from the get go. Free quotes, fair prices and a very organised team or tradies. If you're worried about the cost of polished concrete, don't be. It's a great investment, and looks absolutely stunning. Thanks to the legendary team.

Why Choose Us for Concrete Polishing?

Concrete Polishing is a skill best practiced often and under the auspices of a business that has built its name and reputation upon excellence.

At Polished Concrete Flooring Adelaide, we don’t claim to be Jacks of many trades but rather Masters of this one involving concrete finishes.

Getting it right every time for our valued clientele is what we deliver in an economical manner.

We employ state of the art equipment and match this with our highly skilled operators.

Concrete artisans and craftspeople utilising high tech means to achieve remarkable results consistently for homes and businesses around Adelaide.

The Look of Superb Polished Concrete

The look of it says it all! A brilliant reflective smooth surface transforming ordinary homes and buildings into extraordinary places.

I am reminded of cathedrals without the need for all that cavernous space.

The way these surfaces reflect light from sources is magical.

Concrete floor polishing offers a remarkable variety of finishes for customers to consider for their homes or commercial business. Levels of exposed aggregate.

Levels of honing and grinding. Different colours of concrete to begin with.

There are so many variables to choose from when thinking about polishing your concrete floor.

This affordable process will turn the mundane into the most amazing thing about your home or place of business.

Why You Would Polish Your Concrete Floor

Concrete floor polishing provides a highly durable surface, which will not stain and requires little maintenance.

It is immensely attractive and offers a range of finishes.

Polished concrete is an exciting look that is capturing the imaginations of architects and home décor artists around the globe.

The cost-effective characteristic of concrete makes it a multi-faceted surface material in the home and commercially.

The ancient Romans knew the value of concrete in building, and they would not be surprised to see it still being used several millennia later.

However, they could not imagine the stirring beauty of the polished concrete floor in its current manifestation in the 21C.

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